Commonly Used Thermal Insulation Materials

Recently I have read an article where 5 most commonly used thermal insulation materials are introduced, they are suitable for different situations because of different up and downs.

Since we are finding thermal insultation materials for indurialisation, commonly uesd thermal insulation materials should be the first thing to look at, because they must have a reason to be extensively used, such as cheap and realiable.

1. Fiberglas is made by effectively weaving fine strands of glass into an insulation material. It is cheap but danderous to handle and low insulation ability. So it’s not a good option for us because of the safety.

pink fiberglass insulation

2. Mineral wool is mainly produced from the slag from steel mills. It’s cheap but low insulation ability. It’s not a good option for us because it’s suitable for insulation large areas instead of filiing in little holes.

mineral wool

3. Cellulose is  plant fiber used in wall and roof cavities to insulate, draught proof and reduce noise. It is cheap and ecofriendly but skilled individuals are needed to install it. Maybe it doesn’t need that much skill to fill in little holes but hard to industrilise.


4. Polyurethane foam has high insulation ability but expensive.

polyurethane insulation spray application

5. Polystyrene(EPS) is cheap and easy to handle in our situation.


So sphere EPS foam in the picture above is the most hopeful candidate among the common thermal insulation materials for our project.

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