Thesis Introduction

Do you remember the hot feeling when you get into the car which is exposed to the big sun in summer?

Have you thought of building temporary warm houses for homeless people after a earthquake?

Do you want to own a suitcase that can keep the inside temperature from going too high in summer?

Yes, my thesis is about thermal insulation for the sandwich material produced by Econcore company which is the leader of this field.

The picture below is the representative product of Econcore company. They are applied in various markets like packaging, automotive, building and construction, furniture, etc.


As you can see, between the two skins are honeycomb structured core which is composed of empty cells.

My task is to find the suitable material to fill in the honeycomb cells to improve thermal insulation performance.

Also preparation of background for industrialization and commercialization of the concept.

The tour has just started!

Here is the website of Econcore company: